Important information

Language: Serbian is the national language while English is widely spoken

Currency: Serbian dinar ( 1 euro=117 din, 1 dollar=109din, CHF=112din )
You can change money in exchange office (Menjačnica), banks or take dinars directly on ATM

Climate: Continental climate, May-June temperature  20-25° C

Electricity: 220V (220-240V), you need adapter for 110V devices


COVID informations:  Covid related travel restrictions on entering the Republic of Serbia have been removed as of May the 3rd 2022! Official information available on the following link www.mfa.gov.rs/en/citizens/travel-serbia/covid-19-entry-requirements. We will continue to monitor the situation as the health, safety and security of all conference participants, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and others are, of course, more important than anything else.

Transporation: taxi, public bus, tram, trolleybus

From the Nikola Tesla airport: bus A1 to reach Falkensteiner hotel (departure every 25 min in front of the airport) get off at station Fontana (first stop) or taxi (price approximentaly 16 euro (1800 din) ask for taxi on info desk at the airport

The official taxi are Pink, Naxi, Beogradski, Lux, Radio, Plavi, Poslovni taksi, Žuti, Alfa, Alo, Gold. Please avoid taxi with white board with capital „taxi“ on the the car roof. The prices: start 220 din, 80 din/km (100 din/km at night and on Sunday).

From the hotel you can reach city center by public buses 16, 65, 72, 75 (ticket can be bought from the driver, at Moj Kiosk stands and with Mastecard in the bus). Start station is across the hotel (Opština Novi Beograd), stop stations are Zeleni Venac, Trg Republike, Politika… all close to pedestrian zone around Knez Mihajlova street. Bus 78 will take you to St Sava temple. To Zemun you can take bus 83 (station near hotel).

The biggest shoping center is Galerija in Belgrade waterfront. The shopping ceneter Ušće is at a 20 min walk from the hotel in direction to the city center.

Places of interests: Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan park, St Sava temple, Knez Mihajlova pedestrian area, Skardalija bohemian street, Nikola Tesla museum, Zemun town center, Belgrade waterfront area.

Food: Serbian specialties include čevapćići (grilled and seasoned caseless sausages made from minced meet), pljeskavica (grilled spiced meat patty made froma mixture of pok and beef), gibanica (cheese pie), burek (baked pastry made from a thin flaky dough that is stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables), sarma (stuffed cabage), punjena parika (stuffed pepper), Karađorđeva šnicla (veal or pork schitzel stuffed with kajmak), đuveč (meat and vegetables stew), prebranac (roasted bean), podvarak (roasted meat with sauerkraut), ajvar (roasted red pepper spread), kajmak ( cream dairy product), proja (cornbread)…

Drink: tap watter is drinkable but recommended bottled water ( Coffee 1-2€, Mineral water 1-2,5€, Juice 1,3-1,5€, beer 1,5-3€, rakija 2-2,5€….)